Thursday, October 1, 2009

Digital Science Video Library by Camilla Gagliolo

This article introduces that the VLC or the Visual Learning Company has come out and launched a new digital video library for the use of integrating videos into science. They specifically talked about incorporating these videos into elementary and middle school classrooms. The library provides science videos that are formatted for the use of i-pods and other portable video players. The videos are high quality in a small file format so it won't require lots of time to download. With the use of i-pods it can be used alongside a projector in the classroom. These videos can be viewed as a whole or also as shorter content clips that pertain specifically to what you will be teaching. There is a range of topics available like; earth science, life science, and physical science for elementary school students. These videos also expand to middle school students with topics pertaining to health science and integrated science for middle school students. The great benefit of these videos is the inclusion of on screen quizzes and relevant vocabulary. One teacher mentioned that this was awesome as it provides clear and sharp video in a small file format that is ready to use immediately. These videos explain the basic scientific concepts while presenting vocabulary study with interactive activities. These videos have stepped up by incorporating real life connections to natural wonders and hard to grasp concepts. They include live action footage as well as computer animations to illustrate the concepts. The combination of these two types of graphics and videos with extensive teacher guides and interactive learning activities presents a learning kit that stimulates the multiple learning styles. It allows for individualized instruction as well as small group interaction and reinforcement. The question always arises of how much do these bad boys cost...and luckily this article informs us. The digital science video library can be purchased as a title for your entire school to all have access for $89.95. Not bad huh? I also found in the article that several of the videos are available in Spanish.

These types of videos I find to be very beneficial in incorporating into my classroom. All I can recall from Elementary School is watching the very old outdated videos that were very monotone and must have been made in the 80's or even earlier. They were known for putting students to sleep including myself. This reaches out to all students by having that option of subtitles and the option of getting it in Spanish. Aside from being revamped, they also have the capability of a quick load time, meaning that with a click of a button the video will start and will not require time and time to load. This technology tool can definitely enhance the learning environment as well as reach out to all different types of learners. Majority of our students today are visual learners and thus would benefit them greatly. I would do some more research on this Digital Science Video Library with the hope of seeing one of the videos alongside the interactive activities and on screen quizzes. I think it is something I would consider in using in my classroom. I am curious as to what other technology tools the Visual Learning Company has launched. All in all, I found this article very beneficial and informational in the sense of the introduction of the Digital Science Video Library.


  1. I think that this is a wonderful idea! Students really seem to enjoy watching videos because they appeal to both visual and oral learners. Students usually get really excited when they get to watch videos, even when they are educational. I love how they seem easy to use and don't require a lot of time to download. This could be a very helpful tool to have in the classroom!

  2. what a great idea! they finally can change those old videos that they made us watch in school. and yes, any of the videos could put anyone to sleep. and if you think about it, $90 dollars for new videos is not bad since you can share them with other teachers. but is putting them on a ipod the only way to play them. could you just play them off the computer and have the projector? even thought almost everyone has an ipod, they don't always work. i have had trouble with mine at times. but this is great way to get the kids more interested in science.

  3. This article sounds like a great article. I'm interested to see how they take advantage of putting the videos onto iPods. Would each student have an iPod? Would the school provide them? Or are you making them use personal iPods? What if a student doesn't have an iPod? I have a friend who is student teaching right now, and the clas she is is is piloting an iPod program - each student is given an iPod for the year, only to be used in class or for class assignments. They are using the iPods in several ways including making their own podcasts. overall the use of videos is so important, and entertaining for students it sounds like a interesting article. (I'm interested to see how the use of iPods/MP3 players will play into education in the next few years)